Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Macro Lens

Okay so I have been looking into getting a new lens for myself and after talking to Nikki I have decided to get a Macro lens. So before I decided to go out and purchase one I rented one first. Well I got the lens today after waiting and waiting for the mail man to come, I felt kinda like a stocker but hey I'm a very impateint girl :)
Well anyways I finally got the rental and have been playing around with it and oh my do I love this thing.
Here are some I took within 20 min of getting the lens..

Sunday, January 11, 2009

So Denise is starting to get back into taking pictures and she let me take theses two pictures to fool around with in Lightroom this is what i came up with. This Spring/Summer her and I are going to go out on a "Photographers Safari" and taking all plant life pictures to see what we come up with. So here are her two pictures that Denise took this past summer.

My Lemon Tree

Okay so I'm a total plant freak. No really I'm an addict when it comes to plants.
So about a year ago I was surfing the net and found a dwarf lemon tree and fell in love with it!
Well its been a while but I got my frist FLOWER today.

Heres a couple as you can see I may have gone a little over board but oh well...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I also got a couple of shots of the ornaments on my tree there soooo cute....

I hope everyone has a Great Holiday!!!!


Well today was last day of work at least for a couple of days...but before I left for I got a couple of shots of Abby.

Let me tell you this Dog nuts for snow...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

New to Blogging

Hi My name is Megan and I work with Nikki at Nikki Nicole Photography.

It all started when Nikki called me for job and said that I would be answering phones and all that good stuff...well that didn't last long.

I quickly became interested in the whole photography thing espescially when I started to go on weddings with Nikki.

Well to say the least I didn't last long as a dress poofer...

My first wedding with one of Nikki's camera was the most scariest thing I have ever experinced. I didn't know where to stand or what to do.

But now I'm in LOVE with Photography so much so that I have gotten a camera and investing in a better lense.

Here's a picture of my Dog Abby.
I will get more pictures up soon.